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Xiaomi shows 64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 camera for Upcoming Redmi’s 64 MP Phone, teases 108MP sensor



Xiaomi shows 64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 camera for Upcoming Redmi's 64 MP Phone, teases 108MP sensor

Xiaomi is bringing Redmi’s 64-megapixel camera smartphone with a quad-camera setup. You know, a lot of companies are working on this 64-megapixel camera. Just like I told you a few days ago that Real Pixel is going to do the admin Pixel 64-megapixel camera setup which is going to be introduced in Delhi on 8 August. Which has been sent to the media?

The company held a presentation at the Xiaomi Future Image Technology Communication conference in China focusing on camera technology. At this event, the company showcased several highlights of the 64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 camera sensor. Finally, the Chinese company also teased the upcoming smartphone with 108MP camera sensor.

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64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 camera sensor
64MP Samsung ISOCELL GW1 camera sensor

Now Xiaomi’s 64-megapixel camera phone that will come in the series of Redmi, it has become final, inside it will be Samsung Samsung GW1 supports hybrid 3D HDR. Now, which brand will first launch a smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera in India?

Xiaomi India MD Manu Kumar Jain

Xiaomi India Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain posted on his Twitter handle after the launch of the 64-megapixel camera and can you see some photos. He told that you will get the phone of the upcoming Redmi, you will get to see a 64-megapixel camera.

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64MP Redmi’s Camera Phone

64MP Redmi's Camera Phone
Redmi 64 MP Camera

Xiaomi said that it is the first company to launch the world she 6 4 megapixel quad camera. in the world The upcoming Redmi smartphone will pack with Samsung’s latest 1/7 ″ 0.8-micrometer (μm) pixel 64MP ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor that is 38% bigger than Xiaomi last year launch 48MP sensor in Redmi Series that it uses in its latest smartphones and will offer 9248 x 6936-pixel resolution so that you can print a 3.26 meters (244cm x 326cm) huge poster. I think the 64-megapixel camera setup placed in the upcoming Redmi’s Note 8 Pro can be seen. Leaks of Redmi note 8 Pro are coming on internet.

So the G1W Sensor Will be Supported Samsung’s G1W Sensor Will be Supported ISOCELL Plus technology that reduces leakage of light. The sensor supports real-time HDR of up to 100-decibels for producing richer hues.and also Sensor record Slow Motion Video is 480FPS. while Guy’s How much truth is there, this will be known only after the camera arrives

And let me tell you that Xiaomi also showed its 100-megapixel smartphone camera at its August 7 event in China. Xiaomi says that it is also working on a 100-megapixel flagship smartphone, it will soon be available in the market.



Apple Buy New Startup Spectral Edge’ to Improve iPhone Photography




iPhone camera is quite good no doubt you know but now Apple is buying this brand a UK-based startup called ‘Spectral Edge’ according to filings made public on Thursday and reported by Bloomberg.and wants to greatly improve the future iPhone camera and wants to be a king if told this In the segment, which does not want to leave it no Apple

It is known for startup technology in which photo can be improved and Apple will use improve the camera of the upcoming iPhone in the future.

According to publication Uses the spectral edge machine to blend data from infrared photos and standard photos to improve sharpness and enhance image quality. The technology can, apparently, be implemented via software or baked into hardware chips

Spectral Edge was spun out from research done the University of East Anglia, and it has developed computational photography tech that could blend data from a standard lens and an infrared lens to enhance photo quality.

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Realme Buds Air launch in India with Wireless Charging like Apple AirPods price at RS 4,999




So, guys Chinese smartphone maker Realme introduced the brand new truly wireless earbuds, the Realme Buds Air on the December 17 launch in the Indian market


Realme Mobiles CEO, Madhav Sheth has confirmed a major Realme truely Buds Air feature – support for Wireless Charging

We have already seen the good looks of Apple’s Airpods and it comes with a wireless charging case. Also, Realme has brought a new option. Air Buds will be seen in some new colours such as white, yellow and black.

RealMe Air Buds Launch

Realme CEO Madhav Seth is more active on Twitter Handel is. And what did they say about the launch event? Realme truly Air buds launch in India 17 December Along Realme X2

Wireless Charging

Realme Buds Air Wireless Charging

Realme is bringing its first Air Buds with wireless charging. The feature was out-of-the-box No any doubt and can be juiced up using any Qi-certified wireless charging mat out there. If you remember Apple’s Air Puds, you must have seen the same way in which you should see the charging case.

hAir buds case comes with e USB-C to charge, and the earbuds reportedly pack in 12mm drivers with the dynamic bass boost to give a better low-frequency response. Also mentioned in the leak are features such as wear detection, touch controls, wireless charging

Air Buds Features

Realme Buds Air

According to the leak, reported by Gizmochina, the Realme Buds Air will come with these out of the box features Bluetooth 5.0, AAC support, dual mics with ENC for clear audio calls, and an R1 chipset.

We don’t know anything about that chipset the leak mentions, but it sounds susceptibly similar to the naming scheme Apple went with for the H1 chipset found on the AirPods. Guy’s have expected to Realme Air buds was launched in the budget pricing segment


After telling all the features and specs, now talk about what the final price of Realme Air buds so let tell you guy’s according to leaks realme Air Buds price to expected 4,999 in India

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Snapchat Start Video Ad Up to 3 Minutes Length




Must have heard the name Snapchat. It is also a fairly famous name on the social networking site. This is the name that comes after Instagram in a photo-sharing or photo blogging social media platform. You can also monetize Snapchat Snapchat.


Snapchat is bringing a new advertisement option Video Ads Now what is new inside it? You must be thinking remained with us will be found out.

Snapchat Introduces video Ad

Snapchat Video Ad

Snapchat rolling out new options for advertisers. Within which videos ads can run Up to 3 Minutes, allowing them to run ads for up to 3 minutes. Which is good enough, it will benefit.

People will be able to connect right about any good product to the advertiser and the sales of the advertisement will be very high, which also seemed good to me.

This is to say that through long videos, the advertiser will be able to connect to Views through the longer Video Ad. That is, the engagement will be very good. Which will greatly benefit advertisers and it was designed quite well.

Snapchat tells AdWeek that it is ready to capture a greater share of the video advertising market with this new format. This is a thing to see. That is how Snapchat fits within this new segment

The company believes that expanded advertising for video advertisers provides flexibility in advertising, which will help it to gain a greater share in the online video advertising market.

And it is believed that Snapchat can also launch further video platforms like Tiktok, IGTV.

Benefits of Snapchat new video Ad format

Snapchat’s VP of Global Agency Partnership, David Router, highlights the benefits of the new ad format:

The most important thing is that time is very valuable in today’s time. No one can give a date by turning on the TV, but in today’s time everyone is busy with the smartphone, due to this, while using social media, they can also see the advertisement in the smartphone.

We are committed to creating high-impact, long-form video ad formats, and expanded play ads are a great choice for online video and TV buyers.

A pioneer in the holidays, the format is a powerful new way to reach our Generation Z and millennial audiences in Snapchat’s premium, brand-safe search content

There is another advantage for us as well as advertising and for this, we will not even see the use of unnecessary and wasteful advertisements which we have no connection with. According to our content, we will get to watch video ads according to what media

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