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Is the best Free VPN in 2019 All Details about VPN Here!




Best Free VPN

The current time you must have seen most of the people using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) VPN has become very common in today’s time

This is happening because there are so many websites. You want to access it in your country. But which blocks in your country. With the help of a VPN, you can access it at any time within your country whenever you want to block a website at your home.

It means to say that we can access the network of any country in the world with the help of VPN (Virtual Private Network) from home.

What is VPN?

Image Credits: Toms Guide

Ok hey Reeder let tell you about what is a VPN the full name of VPN is Virtual Private Network

It can speak a technology of the network in today’s time, through which you can do anything privately on the Internet, you can access the network from anywhere, this information will be private.

In today’s time, VPN is a good way to protect your network and your personal data from the Internet and secure hackers.

This question must be coming in your mind that who uses mostly VPN service. Let me tell you that you can also do VPN service such as inside mobile, computer, laptop.

The business of VPN service is used by online merchants, Big organizations, companies and government in government business. How to secure transfer your personal data, this data does not go into the wrong hands. the hacker who lives in Firaq He can steal data as soon as he gets a chance

VPN is a private network through which you can access any website in any corner of the world, to access the blocked website of any country,

A VPN is a private network. So that in any corner of the world
Can access the network. You can access any country block website.

For this, VPN is the company you purchase. Provides your username and password on behalf of the company. With the help of which you can access the network of any corner of the world.

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Types of VPN

  • Paid Version of VPN
  • Free version of VPN

There are two types of VPN networks. You can also do that for free or buy it from the company.

Free VPNs can also be used. But it has some limitations. If you buy the VPN of a company, then you get more features inside it. Against free

Advantages and Disadvantages of using free VPN
  • You do not need to pay some money in free VPN. You can use all the features you get in it absolutely free.
  • If you want to access a blocked website anywhere worldwide then you can do it in free VPN.
  • On using free VPN you will have some ad shows or you can use some limited bandwidth.
  • If your data is highly confident. So using free VPN is not right at all. Because the company providing Vipin can share your data with other people for its own benefit.
Advantages of using Paid VPN
  • Firstly if you buy a plan for a Paid VPN. So your data is very much secure.
  • The VPN company does not share your data with anyone, which is a good thing.
  • Inside Paid VPN you get Unlimited Bandwith.

How to use VPN

So far we have told you what a VPN is. Gave all the information related to Vipin, now it will tell how VPN can be used. You can use a VPN by installing it inside your Computer, laptop and smartphone.

Best Free VPN 2019

Hey Reeder Within 2019 After everything, now I am going to tell that the dream that is the best in 2019 and that too with a very good Vipin is also free.

Proton VPN


Proton VPN, which is a very popular VPN and is a very big company, tells me that Proton VPN offers the same company that provides Proton mail if you remember.

Although Proton VPN has a lot of Paid plans Proton VPN offers free version too. That too with unlimited bandwidth without any limit which is quite a good thing.

Proton VPN whose client Windows, Mac, Android, iOS as well as a command-line interface which you can use with Linux, making it a versatile platform among the best free VPN services you’re compiled in this list.

  • 22 locations in the free version
  • No logging
  • Easy to Use
  • High Speed
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Kill Switch
  • Ghost Mode
  • Single device per free account
  • Secure Core limited to paid plans
  •  No real support

Availability Only: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS You Can also Checkout on Website Proton


Tunnel bear

Like Proton VPN, TunnelBear operates on a freemium model but the way different schemes are fragmented is different. Instead of restricting users based on location, TunnelBear limits you by the available data and free users can only use 500 MB via VPN. However, if you tweet the company, you can add additional gigabytes to your monthly quota, so that you get 1.5GB per month in practice.

In the free version, you can access 22 different locations to this VPN
TunnelBear one of the best free VPN services is its highly intuitive and non-intrusive interface

It comes with 256-bit encryption to protect your data and promises to not log any of your browsing histories. Lastly, besides common platforms, the service is also available in the form of extensions for major browsers.

Tunnelbear features Lineup also offers a kill switch. It’s called ‘Vigilant Mode’ and it automatically blocks all unsecured traffic in case you lose your connection to the VPN server.

TunnelBear will automatically unblock all your traffic. Like Proton VPN, TunnelBear does not keep any logs of your browsing activity.

Some more features such as Tunnelbear has a feature called ‘GhostBear’ as well which basically tries to hide the fact that involved using a VPN from ISPs and governments.

This can come in handy when your ISP is open to VPN users or if you are in a country where it is illegal to use a VPN. However, bear in mind (pun intended) that TunnelBear recommends using Ghostbear only when it is absolutely needed as it usually results in slower speeds.

  • 22 locations in the free version
  • No logging
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Kill switch
  • Ghost Mode
  • Limited data
  • No support for streaming services like Netflix
  • No P2P support

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Also Cheak out Website Tunnelbear



Hide.Me, which is a very popular VPN, also comes in the free version.
Completely free VPN in and inside it FullyAd free here are no ads best think in

However, you get limited 2GB monthly data only inside this says if you take its premium plan if you do not have success, then money-back guarantee in 30 days.

  • 256-bit encryption
  • No legal binding to log or share user data with authorities
  • Split tunnelling feature
  • Supports Wi-Fi routers and TV streaming devices
  • No ads
  • Limited data
  • No Netflix support
  • No browser extensions

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, certain Wi-Fi routers, and Set-top boxes

you can also Cheak out website Hide.Me

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How to Uninstall Fivem in Easy way





How to Uninstall Fivem in Easy way

Hey welcome back in new another Blog post we will talk about today lots of people searching on the Google In 2020, how to uninstall Fivem? let me tell you So I am going to tell you in a very easy language that how to delete Fivem from your computer then follow the steps given below.

What is Fivem?

In the minds of many people and some people do not even know what is Fivem? special modification for GTA 5 game is a software for the game that lets you play the game very well its character.

which allows all players to create fully-functional dedicated servers for network gaming. A variety of modifications, plugins and scripts take the experience to a completely new level.

Fivem is a software that takes gaming experience to next level, but a dangerous number of people are doing this article here and But if you are reading this, most probably you how to delete (Uninstall) Fveam.

Uninstalling FiveM

How to Uninstall Fivem
  1. Step: Right Click on FiveM
  2. Step: Click on Open File Location
  3. Step: Select All File Ctrl + A
  4. Step: after Then Press Delete Button on your Keyword

As you can see above how to uninstall Fivem from your computer, I have told all the process in very simple language if you still do not understand. So in the video below, you can see how to uninstall and how to delete Cache

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10 Methods To Make Best Short Videos Along With Music In 2020





How many times have we witnessed it that if the music is soothing to our ears, we end up watching the whole video even if our first impression about the content was not good?

Adding background music to a video really makes a lot of difference as it makes the video more engaging, entertaining, and appealing. Sound has a great impact, especially on short videos. The choice of music to be included in short videos can either make them or break them.

By the addition of several kinds of music to short videos, the creator can really set up the mood of the audience from happy to scary, upbeat and inspirational to blue and improve the artistic characteristics and qualities of the video.

Thus inclusion of music in short videos plays a crucial role in the overall performance and popularity by attracting and driving more traffic to them.

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How to Make Best Short Videos?

Here are 10 amazing methods and tips that will prove to be handy for you to create engaging short videos along with music in 2020.

Prepare Engaging Content

Choose and prepare the content for the video, keeping in mind that the audience doesn’t get bogged down by the complexity of the concept and ideas conveyed. The best practice is to keep it simple and focus on the motive behind making the video content.

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Focus on the Intended Platform

It is very important to get the right resolution for the right platform. Today most of the audience uses smaller screen devices such as smartphones and tabs. So its quite essential to analyze and collect data about all the types of devices used by the audience for streaming.

This will help you better optimize your video content accordingly. You may need to look at several things, including resolutions, bit-rate, frame-rate, codec, etc.

Figuring out the Perfect Track

Before choosing the most suit able music track for the video, it is very important to decide whether you need a foreground or background music based on the entire concept of the video content.

Now that you have decided on the type of music you want to include, the next job is to figure out the tone of the music. If your video has a touchy and emotional story-line, using rock music as a background score is going to mess things up.

Based on your budget and needs, you can go for some royalty-free music. But if you want to get the best audio available, you will have to pay a significant amount. Hence the creator needs to be careful and particular about the choice of audio.

Set the Volume Right

Generally, the foreground music is louder than the background. If music plays a prominent role in the context of the video content, you would want it to be louder. On the other hand, if the content in the video is much more important than the music, you should prefer a softer background score.

Application of Cinematic Techniques

To make a truly professional-looking video, applying certain videography techniques that involve skilled camera movements can give the audience a cinematic experience.

This makes the video content more attractive and enhances the story-telling, keeping the audience interested in the content.

Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails play quite a decisive role in the performance of a video. They are one of the first things exposed to the audience. An-eye catching thumbnail can drive more audience to the video.

Inclusion of Photos

If your short video content demands the inclusion of photos, the practice should be to use high-resolution images. Based on your need, you can go for free or paid sources. To prepare a slideshow based content, go for a free slideshow maker with music.

Selecting a Template

Choosing a video editor tool with an appropriate template simplifies much of the editing process. Some of the best templates available are capable of providing high-quality clips, scenes, animated characters, dynamic texts, colorful frames, and icons in 4K resolutions to the users.

Several templates are available nowadays that are focused on video creation in the domains of finance, sports, healthcare, real estate, and other industries. Based on the users’ needs, they can use them in several projects like slideshows, commercials, event promos, presentations, etc.

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Selecting the Right Software

There are hundreds of options available in the market. So choosing the most appropriate software depends upon the taste and preferences of the user.

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right video editing software for your purpose.

1. Use free trials-

To get the feel of new video-editing software, using a free trial is the best option. Start editing videos using a free video creator tool and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

2. Price of the software-

Choose a software based on a budget of your program. If you are creating non-commercial content or have budget constraints, there is no need to purchase an expensive subscription as several high-quality free software are available.

3. Audio editing features-

As you want to include music in your video content, choose software with audio editing capabilities. It enables the user to adjust volume, add or remove parts of the audio, reduce background noise, and adjust the audio within the timeline.

4. User interface-

Always go for an easy to use video editor tool. Choose a software that has sufficient features for your purpose and provides you the flexibility to add other effects comfortably.

InVideo is one such easy to handle video editing software. You should definitely try it to get the desired results.

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Practice the Art

Creating any kind of digital content is not an easy task. It requires you to have in-depth knowledge of several factors and how to influence them to not just get the job done, but also to make a mark in front of your audience.

Adding music to video content is not rocket science either, but it requires practice to master the skill. Matching the right track with the right component of the video is an acquired skill.

So keep learning the nuances of video-editing without forgetting the fundamentals.

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Vodafone Launched a New Plan, 1.5 GB Data with many benefits, increased the validity of other plans

Reeder News Staff



So today Vodafone has brought some new updates such as some changes in its plan and some new plans too, so we are talking about the same.


As of late, after Airtel and Reliance Jio presented plans for their clients, presently it is Bari Vodafone which has presented another arrangement for its clients. Right now, will get numerous advantages. Additionally, the organization has likewise refreshed an old arrangement after which its legitimacy has additionally been expanded. This will straightforwardly profit Vodafone clients. So let me know which new arrangement the organization has brought and the legitimacy of which plan has expanded.

As indicated by the data, Vodafone has presented another arrangement of Rs 499 for its clients. This arrangement is accessible in all circles, whose legitimacy will be 70 days. Be that as it may, in certain circles this arrangement has accompanied a legitimacy of 60 days. On reviving with this arrangement, clients will get 1.5 GB of information consistently, while the advantage of boundless calling will be given on any system. Additionally incorporates access to 100 SMS every day, Vodafone Play, Zee5.

Simultaneously, the organization has additionally made changes in its arrangement of Rs 555. As a matter of fact, this arrangement was first propelled with a legitimacy of 70 days however now it has been broadened 7 days legitimacy. After this, its legitimacy has been decreased to 77 days. Right now, clients will get 1.5GB of information, 100 messages day by day, approaching any system just as membership to Zee5.

Be that as it may, the rundown of plans with 1.5 GB information is long and Vodaone offers day by day information in plans with various legitimacy. They start from Rs 249 which is up to Rs 599. Presently an arrangement of Rs 499 has likewise been remembered for this rundown which will fill the hole between Rs 399 and Rs 599.

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