In Delhi Due to Coronavirus Schools, college and gym are closed

The whole world is fighting the coronavirus at this time and the whole universe wants to come together and face this disease and as soon as possible this disease goes away, everyone is praying that inside the capital of India, Delhi where Everything has been closed for 10 days from now.

There is not much sleep inside Delhi, as people are now seen less in the metro, people start doing their office work at home and some companies are also saying things that you should work from home as well as a public place. People are not seen at all in the area, as well as buses are also seen empty nowadays, people are not travelling anywhere, for fear that they may not even get coronavirus. Programming that kind of untouchability that may have been 11 of his touch and 10 people.

All the schools inside Delhi have been closed, at present, even the fellow colleagues and the areas of Bhilwara from the AB centre are also not visible as if the market has been fully heard, as well as I tell you all gyms have also been closed for the present time for 1 week to 10 days because there are more people in the gym, there is also a danger that the rent of coronavirus has been ground. Date of fun and so is also turned off even matter to us much because of the economy that may be facing the Great Depression

Due to this, people are not getting very scared out of the houses from the capital Delhi centre and black marketing is also very loud due to this disease, in many places such raids have been done and fake sanitizers are being sold and sold. Gold prices are being doubled in double the price, it is not known about this disease and what things people are seeing in every state in the big state of the country. People should try to avoid it. The most being found inside Kiss Delhi at this time

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