Valentine Day 2020: Why Valentine’s Day happens on 14th February only


It is believed that Valentine’s Day is the knowledge of couples. It is the day of love for lovers if love is expressed from the heart. Valentine’s day Do you know why Valentine’s is celebrated on February 14 and how it got its name? Today we are telling you everything related to the history of Valentine’s Day.

As I am telling you, you also know that today is Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of the month of February, but sometimes you have wondered why Valentine’s Day is celebrated and why it comes in February itself. There will be many more things going on in your mind, this question will always be clear today and I will talk about it in detail after all. What is valentine’s day, fashion has gone nowadays, everyone has started celebrating valentines day.

Although it is believed that Valentines Day was action, Saint Valentin was named after him, who was celebrated in his memory, who was Valentines Day Saint ValentinesBut something happened in our heart even today, the history of Valentine’s Day is much deeper.

This day is celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine, a pastor of Rome. It is said that Saint Valentin believed in promoting love in the world, but a king in Rome did not like him and he was against love marriage. He considered love marriage wrong.

Sovereign Claudius felt that the Romans were not enrolling in the military in light of their solid connection to their spouses and families. To dispose of this issue, Claudius prohibited marriage and commitment in Rome. Minister Valentin felt the request for the Emperor as out of line to the individuals. They additionally sorted out relationships of numerous officials and warriors contradicting it. After this, he was held tight 14 February.

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