3 people died on the set during the shooting of Kamal Haasan film

3 people died on the set during the shooting of Kamal Haasan film

South superstar actor Kamal Haasan was shooting for the film, during which there was some accident on the set due to which 3 people died and 10 people were injured, which was the film? The question that must be coming in the mind of you guys was the name of the movie for which Indian 2 is shooting.

The accident took place in Chennai, which was under construction on the set of Kamal Haasan’s upcoming film Indian 2 and suddenly the crane which was used inside it fell due to which some people died as I said. Have been injured and some people have also lost their lives and property due to this accident

According to the news, the police told how many assistant directors who died in the accident, according to the police, the three assistant directors were riding in a box. He went for the shoot at a great height from the crane and was working on lighting here. Kamal Haasan was shooting at another location when the crane fell. He expressed grief over the accident and expressed condolences to the family of the deceased.

After all, what happened was the incident, the crane used in the shooting of the film is heavy. A part of it broke during the shooting and fell on the people shooting the film.

As I am telling, 3 people have died, whose names were Madhu Chandan and Krishna, together with an assistant director whose name Krishna died, this incident has caused a big shock to their families on 19 February. Jogi happened at 9:30 pm in EVP film city in Chennai

Kamal Haasan gave information about this incident by tweeting on twitter and he expressed grief about losing his three companions.

Indian 2 film producer Lyca Productions also informed about the accident by tweeting.

It was also told during an interview that his last film maybe because he is leaving acting because one cannot work, he has got into politics.

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